Who We Are

FIRSTLY, Where it all began

Having started mastering brewing techniques as a hobby in the cellar of a 17th century terraced cottage in Chichester (damp, smelly and a ceiling only 5ft high), life moved to Wokingham and the crafting accelerated in a building separated from the house, specifically kitted out for a washing machine. It became known as ‘The Outhouse’. Beers grew popular with friends and family. Demand outgrew the ‘in-house’ operational ability and so the brewing relocated to Central Wokingham. The Outhouse Brewery was born.

(We wish the brewery could be in an eco friendly building like this!)

Then, Where WE aim to be

Once up and running we will have a range of ever changing craft beers, along with some quality wines and spirits, tasty snacks and an experience in Wokingham we hope you’ll want to enjoy again and again.

We aim to source as much as we can locally and target to do things as green as possible, where possible.

This is all about my journey as a brewer and seeing where the road takes me. Opening a microbrewery is tough and there have been a lot of hurdles to jump over. I am sure I will get some things wrong along the way and, hopefully, I get some things right, too. I want you to enjoy the beers I enjoy making and be part of the fun!

In the meantime, the odd photo in our building site will do for now…